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How to choose your gift

  • How many cleaning visits your gift will buy? 
    A: There are 4 factors to consider:
  • 1) How many visits 
  • 2) How often 
  • 3) Home size
  • 4) Condition of the property.



You can buy 1 visit, or several.

For example, if you are looking for a package of 3 cleanings over a 3-month period 

(See our standard cleaning checklist)


  • Small home / apartment  (under 1300 sq ft)  Starting at $95* per visit.
  • Medium home / town home  (1400 – 2000 sq ft)  Starting at $145* per visit.
  • Large home  (2100 – 2900 sq ft)  Starting at $165* per visit.
  • Extra large home (3000 + sq ft)  Starting at $195* per visit.


*Actual price depends on the condition of the property, pet hair, and clutter level. Excess bathroom ratio to property size may increase price.



Frequency: Price examples are based on a monthly basis for at least three months or more.

>Single, or 1st time deep cleaning visits run about 18% more.

>Bi-weekly visits are about 10% less.

>Weekly visits are about 18% less.


Customize: We can also work with custom checklists to allow you to budget your gift.